Learn to listen to your heart, hear the words of your inner voice, remove the road blocks, and grasp the freedom that is yours to live true to yourself.

Beth Carson Wallace
, Certified Professional Coach           
   Graduate International Coach Academy                            Member International Coach Federation
email: ewcarson@hotmail.com
Phone: 601-259-0832

We live in a time when options are so vast that we tend to limit ourselves to those that we become locked into based on our primitive, safe thinking...suddenly, life events catch us off guard and knock us to our knees, and that old thinking leaves us stuck, with no capacity to move forward, push through to the other side wherein lies our true, deserved joy. We build on these old patterns, and wake up one day and wonder why we feel unsettled, frustrated, and often depressed. WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 
It would be an honor to partner with you as we work together to move through these events and feelings to your greater calling. The process is gentle, enlightening, and I assure you that your dignity will be revered. You are a whole, unique, beautiful person.....you are not a victim of false limitations...let's set you free.

As we go along, we strive to lead with our heart and guide with our head....when the two are aligned, our spirts are free to soar.

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